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Hot Things BBQ School

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Elevate your barbecue game by enrolling in our BBQ School today.
Looking to elevate your BBQ game? Join renowned pitmasters Brian Gray and Liam Barker in our Perth-based barbecue school and learn the secrets behind the grill that will make you a legend in your own backyard. Our experienced and enthusiastic pitmasters specialize in using a variety of grilling methods, including charcoal, gas, pellet grills, pit barrels, and solid plate barbecues. You'll learn a range of techniques that can be easily replicated on your home barbecue, all in a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere. Sample a variety of mouth-watering barbecue dishes while enjoying complimentary drinks or bring your own beverages to enjoy during the class. With small class sizes, you'll receive personalized attention and get the most out of your experience. As proud members of the national Australian BBQ School network (, Hot Things BBQ School is your go-to destination for mastering the art of barbecuing. Plus, as part of Hot Things Barbecues and Heaters, we offer exclusive in-store discounts to all participants ( Join us for an unforgettable hands-on experience that will leave you with the skills and confidence to create masterful barbecue dishes at home. Book your spot now and take your BBQ skills to the next level!
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Our happy little barbecue school is attached to Dotmall Barbecues and Heaters
Our address
13/30 Erindale Road, Balcatta (Behind Dotmall Barbecues and Heaters)