At Hot Things BBQ School in Perth you

learn How to Handle Your Hot Thing

and get the most out of your barbecue.

Make an easy and tasty breakfast, cook a decent steak, use your sideburner, cook a roast, and more

Experience an afternoon of good barbecue school fun right here in Perth

Learn both Hot n Fast and Low n Slow techniques as you cook and eat your way through the afternoon at one of the best barbecue school in Perth

Our courses are suitable for anyone with a barbecue who wants to learn and improve their BBQ skills. Learn some basic maintenance. It is all designed to be fun, pleasant, and easy going.

Classes are kept to a maximum of 15 people.

At the end of the day you will have a full belly, a sample bag of goodies, and the knowledge to help you take your BBQ cooking to the next level.

Classes start at 11.30am and finish around 4pm

Complimentary Drinks Provided or you are welcome to bring your own.

Soooo, what might be covered in a typical class? Obviously nothing is set in stone as we want to keep our courses as interesting and relevant for us as we hope they will be for you.

But Typically we cover

Breakfast: Bacon, Egg, potato and Cheese tacos w/ salsa

Brunch: Smoked tomato, Grilled portabello mushrooms, and Grilled zucchini

Lunch: Chicken tacos, Skirt steak tacos, Smoked queso and guacamole

Dinner: Smoked Brisket, Butter milk brined and smoked chicken, reverse seared Tri-Tip, Smoked salmon with mustard Coleslaw. Phew

Hot Things BBQ School is proudly a part of Dotmall Barbecues and Heaters

Pit Master Brian Gray

Brian Gray

Pit Master

Brian grew up in Texas, USA, where some of his earliest memories are of helping his parents in the family’s barbecue restaurant. Brian has been cooking American style barbecue professionally from an age when most people were barely boiling eggs.

After spending some time in the US Marines as a young a man, Brian now lives in Perth and has continued developing his passion for cooking good barbecue food on all styles of grill.

"Charcoal is what we used to use but my friends back in the USA convinced me to buy a Wood Pellet Barbecue and I cook on that and a gas barbecue all the time now, I still love my charcoal though"

At Hot Things BBQ School we are lucky that Brian has chosen to join us to share his skills and passion.

Hot Things BBQ School

13/30 Erindale Road, Balcatta (Rear of Dotmall)